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Copenhagen, Denmark

This blog is aimed for aspiring lawyers at university to create an atmosphere where we can all share our experiences.

About Me

Hey everyone! I am Hanife.

I am a third-year law student at the University of Sheffield.

I am currently on my year abroad in Copenhagen,Denmark. I am pursuing a career to become a solicitor and I have decided to set up this blog to share my experiences as a law student and as an aspiring solicitor with those who are interested in a career in law and in university as well.

I was a mentor, Global Campus Ambassador at the University. Most importantly the Law Departmental Councillor in the 2018-19. I have experience in mooting, open days for law firms and networking with them.

This platform is also for you to ask me questions about how I deal with university tasks. All questions are welcomed.

A little bit about me before I get started…

I am of Turkish nationality and 21 years old. I am passionate about photography and travel which you will see in my blog posts. I enjoy socialising as I love meeting new people and hearing about their stories in life. After I graduate from the law school, I want to work in a law firm and stay in the UK.

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