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  • Coronavirus: how has it affected exchange students?

    30th Mar 2020 by

    The COVID-19. We all know what it is by now, and many people were forced to change their lifestyles because of it. It continues to affect us all, wherever we are. There is so much uncertainty for many of the university students who are completing exchange years. Is the Erasmus exchange continuing? How long will… Read more

  • Year Abroad Update

    27th Jan 2020 by

    I believe many of the exchange students are asked this question which is why I wanted to share my experience with you all. So, it has been about 5 months since I left to study in Denmark therefore, I need to rewind a little. Settling in Denmark Before moving to Denmark, I was told that… Read more

  • Why did I decide to study law in the UK?

    22nd Nov 2019 by

    First of all why law? I did not always want to be a lawyer. In fact, I was quite sceptical about the idea behind being a lawyer because I could never visualise myself as one. It seemed very tough and distant. Then, it all changed with one subject and one teacher. When I was in… Read more

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